Monday, August 17, 2015

What Happened to Women in the Charismatic Renewal?

In this discussion, we will answer the haunting question asked by a highly intelligent young woman in one of our Scandinavian meetings: IF Biblical equality is part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, why has the church not taught the equality of women in terms of substance and value, privilege and responsibility, function and authority in all areas of life, ministry, and marriage?

7-Part Answer:
1) The church fell into the hands of men who were trained in culture where men were dominant (institutionalism).
2) The Church became a culturally defined social unit, that is, it was shaped by the time and place in which it existed. The culture sets the rules. See Veiled and Silenced by John Alvin Schmidt. BUT Biblical Christianity is not gender-defined; it is Holy Spirit-led.
3) As the church became a culturally institution, it removed much of what Jesus taught and built its own convenient doctrines. One of the most significant examples of this was the Church’s shutting down of the Montanist Movement (172 – 205). The Church has never recovered. See pp. 46-47.
4) In the formative years of Christian doctrine outside of Israel, pagan ideas about women crowded out Biblical ideas. This is well documented. See pp. 39-82.
5) Translations reflect the biases of the translators. KJ vowed to silence women and has succeeded, even today. See pp. 76-80.
6) Fallen culture normally has a ruling class, normally men. The rulers may constitute a monarchy that has gained power by military force or economic superiority. Or it may be that a group rules because they are the physically strongest members, typically men, or by the most clever and educated, in most cases, men. The rule: Men rule. Women serve.
7) Biased translations has led to unbiblical teaching and practices. These have been like walls hiding the truth. IT’S TIME TO BREAK DOWN THOSE WALLS!

In The Desert.

I’ve walked in the desert, looking for the water of God’s peace.
Trying so hard to see the city of his joy.
Heart breaking to see it was only a mirage.
Sometimes the harder I try to hear his voice, the deafer I become.
I want that inspiring relationship with him that all my heros have.
Instead my story often opens with me cry under the covers, pleading for him to hold me near.
I question his presence, disobey his commands, hate his will.
He finds me.
Our special place turns out to be in the basement of my heart where the greed, sin, and shame rise high around me.
He meets me there, sits in the dust of broken dreams working on his beautiful story thats all about me.
My journey with Christ begins in the desert of hopelessness.
He finds my heart drowning in the waters of pain.
He tells me even in the desert he holds me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Women were not created to be nurturers to a husband and babies but to be nurturers to the world.
- Quotes by me.

Go ahead women, claim your authority in Christ, live your calling and dare to make a difference wherever you are!
(it could be your school, college, community, the home itself, neighbourhood, workplace, church, etc)
Start with something small and let God take you to higher places as you keep walking in faith with him and keep believing.
When our God claims to be a limitless God then gender was NEVER a limitation for him. God can chose anyone to do anything. All it takes is a willing heart and a step of faith by YOU.

And this certainly does not apply to women only but men as well and everyone in general.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

'We are often preached to be [so-called] 'calm', submit and often we might find ourselves brain-washed and lost our voice along the way; but rarely are we preached to be confident, daring and BOLD.'

- Quotes by me ;)

(because Esther, David, Rahab, Samuel, Deborah, Joseph, Jacob, Jesus and so many were... They were not afraid or quiet but they did what they had to do with no hesitation, no regrets and with full boldness that comes from God.)